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Campus to Corporate

It is usually observed, that there is a disconnect between the requirements of the industries who wish to appoint plug-n-play professionals and freshly appointed candidates. The freshers have knowledge and ideas, but are unaware of corporate culture, etiquette, challenges and pressures of handling of the corporate world.

‘Campus to Corporate’ is a two day highly interactive program aimed to enable the freshers or students to face the corporate world and make a niche for themselves to excel in professional life. It helps them transit seamlessly from college to professional life, by developing their confidence and demonstrate their unique talent while completing their assigned KRAs.

Learning Outcomes

  • Orient towards the corporate culture by examining the difference in college and professional life
  • Work on their first impression and learn essential corporate etiquette
  • Develop effective communication skills to understand and be understood correctly
  • Learn the art of communicating through different channels effectively like meetings, emails and calls
  • Build a team spirit by creating rapport and managing conflicts
  • Learn problem solving and thinking creatively

Who should attend

Newly joined graduates/Freshers

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