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Managing Millennials

Managing Millennials

Modern organizations cater to more than half of the millennial generation workforce. This generation has brought new values, systems, attitude & work styles to the office; which is apparently different from traditional work environment. Managing the millennials can be quite a challenge, which can hamper the productivity.

Managing Millenials require a new mindset, approaches to communicate effectively & motivate this tech – savvy generation. Through a two day intervention, we help garner the productivity by understanding the millennial mindset and motivate them by providing timely coaching and feedback.

Learning Outcomes

  • Overcome generational stereotypes by understanding different generations
  • Discover the art of giving direct and valuable feedback
  • Practice a coaching framework that empowers your Millennials to overcome problems, make decisions and take ownership.
  • Learn motivational techniques and how to use them to get the best out of your millennial workforce.
  • Identify the common errors to manage millennials and discover how to quickly integrate them smoothly into a diverse team.
  • Be more transparent and approachable for supportive corporate culture

Who should attend

Sr. Manager

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