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POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment)

As organizations become more diverse, gender sensitization awareness requirement becomes more pronounced. Moreover, according to the Government of India guidelines, it has become mandatory to conduct POSH training for all the organizations. There are many myths around the topic which need to be eliminated for optimum utilization of human potential.

POSH is a one day training to deal constructively with the issues related to sexual harassment and learn how to avoid or tackle it effectively. It is a delicately woven program with practical examples and codes of conduct. It touches all the aspects of gender sensitivity, that helps to get right insights into the causes and remedies for organizations to be more sensitive.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of gender sensitivity at workplace
  • Being assertive and ‘How to say No’
  • Understand what is sexual harassment (inclusions and exclusions) and its types
  • Learn what to do when in doubt
  • Identify the gender issues at work and stereotypes surrounding it
  • Understand the government regulations and company policy for sexual harassment

Who should attend

Junior level executive
Mid level Professionals
Senior Professionals

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