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Presentation Skills

From job interviews to client presentations to convincing your peers, everything needs a presentation. Presentation skills are extremely essential at every level of the business. These skills refine the way you put forward the message and enhance your persuasive power, to gain more visibility and support.

‘Presentations Skills’ is a two day intensive program where participants learn the major 4 Ps of presentation- Plan, Prepare, Practice and Present. The idea is to enable them by learning the content and then actually presenting in the workshop. The participants are also given a real time feedback through video recordings, for better understanding and change.

Learning Outcomes

  • Planning the Presentation- Who is the audience and what do they need to know
  • Preparing the presentation –designing the content and creating a powerpoint
  • Handling the challenging participants and objections
  • Presenting- How to use speech delivery and body language to your advantage
  • Using infographics and data storytelling
  • Practising- Knowing the mind maps and manoeuvring the presentation with confidence.

Who should attend

Junior Level Executives
Mid Level Managers
Senior Managers

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