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Problem Solving & Creativity

Problems are innate to any business, as there are always difficult and uncertain situations to be handled. In nearly every business, problem solving is the most valued attribute. Problem solving not only helps you find an effective solution to the problem, but it also creates an opportunity to improve systems, processes and relationships.

Skillsbucket’s Problem Solving and Creativity training is a one day interactive training that helps reveal inherent creative skills, that lie hidden within each person. It brings about a new approach to think laterally with different problem solving techniques. Since it is better learnt practically, the training extensively uses real life simulated games and exercises for better retention and learning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to identify the problems by root cause analysis
  • Identify the personal barriers to creative thinking
  • Develop attitude to accept failures and have continuous learning mindset
  • Learn to take risk
  • Learn the techniques to idea generation and evaluation individually and in teams
  • Formulate integrating strategies at work to foster creativity in teams

Who should attend

Junior level Executives
Mid level Managers
Senior Managers

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