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Team Goal Setting

Goals orient individuals and the organizations towards success. Goals directly affect the motivation and the productivity level in the teams. Well defined business goals help with performance evaluation and increasing productivity. It also garners focus towards achievable outcomes thus pushing the bottom line.

We at Skillsbucket, conduct Goal Setting as a one day interactive intervention. With vision boards and goals charting, participants learn to make real personal and professional action goals and plans to achieve them. We also help them internalize the goal setting process for their teams.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn what are goals and the importance of goal setting
  • Chart the goals in SMARTER framework
  • Identify the roadblocks and make plans to counter it
  • Learn reverse goal setting and breaking down into smaller goals
  • Monitor and track the goals regularly
  • Manage motivation to handle setbacks and procrastination

Who should attend

Junior level executive
Mid level Professionals
Senior Professionals

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