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Stress Management

Stress is a now a common place occurrence in everyday busy life. High paced demanding work environment and managing interpersonal relations can trigger stress. Dealing long term with stressful situations, can limit our ability to perform and can have repercussions on physical and mental health.

Skillsbucket’s Stress Management is a one day interactive program that helps the participants develop techniques, to integrate work and life in a holistic way. It extends to identify the stressors and also equip participants with the coping strategies.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand stress and its impact
  • Proactively take control of the environment
  • Learn to develop positive attitude in stressful situations
  • Learn to remove, change or accept the situations
  • Learn to manage time better to avoid stress
  • Be more assertive and manage conflicts positively

Who should attend

Junior level Executives
Mid level Managers
Senior Managers

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