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The test of true competence is the
end result

L Ron Hubbard


The Journey of Excellence Through Competency Mapping

Competency mapping is the process of identifying the set of competencies and related proficiency levels needed to be successful in specific job roles or organization.

Organizations today need to be adaptable and skillful to deal with challenges arising due to the VUCA (Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment. What makes successful organizations tide over better than others, are the competencies and mindsets of people working for it- the Human Capital.

Hence, the need of employing the right skill set as well as training and nurturing the people for the relevant competencies is the need of the hour. And this is where competency mapping becomes imperative – to develop an enabling work culture in the organization and make it ‘Future Ready’.

Benefits of Competency Mapping

Exact Job Evaluation
Perfect Recruitment and Selection
Definite Gap Analysis

Benchmarking Performance Management
Self Career Progression Maps
Effective Learning and Development

Skillsbucket Competency Offerings

Defining Job Descriptions

We create comprehensive job descriptions indicating both technical and behavioural requirements for each job role in the organization along with their proficiency level tags.

Designing competency frameworks

We study the vision of the company and the industry best practices to define the competencies and help to create a competency framework for the organization.

Competency Assessments

We use variety of tools to make our competency based assessment as specific as possible.

  • Interviews of stakeholders
  • Focus group study
  • Psychometric assessments
  • Group Discussions
  • On the job observations
Competency Mapping & Gap Analysis

We create a visual map of the competencies and compare it with internal and global benchmarks.

Training Need Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive training need analysis at the individual, occupational and organizational level; by understanding the specific challenges of the organization. We also help in preparing a comprehensive training calendar.

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