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We are a learning and development company, partnering with people and organizations, to achieve their skill development and business goals. We are committed to empower the professionals with key behavioral capabilities and assist them in shifting the mindsets, so as to explore their full potential.
Our learning initiatives are customized, interactive and kinesthetic to provide maximum value output. We continuously upgrade our programs with regular client feedback and the emerging trends in the training sector.

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Skill Building Need – Outsmarting VUCA

We live in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world, where businesses are changing at a rapid pace amidst global ambiguity and uncertainty.
Disruption has become a new normal. People and Organizations need to be adaptable, agile and resilient to embrace changes to harness the full advantage of emerging opportunities.
We believe, each human being has an unlimited potential that can be unlocked by equipping them with right kind of skills. At Skillsbucket, we enable you to develop the skills and maximise the potential to achieve your vision.

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Learning Approach – Engaging and Transformative

Detailed Diagnostics
Tactical Design
Agile Learning Methods
Concrete Action Plans

Detailed Diagnostics

The Training Need Identification (TNI) and Performance Gap Analysis (PGA) is done through competency mapping, acquiring the company data and key stake holder interviews. The analysis is done at the organizational, individual and the job level. The purpose is to define who needs the training and what specific skills will help them align and achieve the organizational as well as individual goals.

Tactical Design

We begin designing with the end in mind. Our training programs are designed in line with
expected outcomes and evaluation methodologies to be rendered. We have bespoke
programs taking into consideration the participant profile, their knowledge level and the
particular industry for which they are being trained. Our program designs are simple to
understand and increase the learning retention.

Agile Learning Methods

Our training delivery is dynamic and learner centric. We use kinaesthetic and interactive
methods to drive the facilitation. We use case studies, role plays, visuals, team activities,
brainstorming, debates and real life simulations that help engage the participants compelling
them to think and transform.

Concrete Action Plans

Learning Implementation after the training is the key to any intervention being effective. We assist the participants develop a detailed 3 month action plan based on their individual assessment. Along with this, we also provide hand-outs and active refresher sessions, that help in their handholding and implementation.

Shifting Mindsets And Behavior -One ‘nudge’ at a Time

Creating a WIIFM (What’s in it for me?)
Bite sized learning modules
Psychometric Interventions like theatre, EQ, DISC etc.
Construct self narratives
Take aways and Action plan
Refresher Programs to concretize learnings

Training Interventions

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