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You cannot teach a man anything. You
can only help him discover it within

Galileo Galilei


Train the Trainer

Train the trainer program is a capacity building intervention for trainers or facilitators. We all want our training programs to appeal to a diverse training audience.
At Skillsbucket, we use powerful techniques and psychological approaches to help you design and deliver a training program that is simple yet impactful. We introduce you to basis pedagogical and teaching concepts to understand how people learn. We use well structured training material with comprehensive training notes. We train you through a lot of real life simulations and practice sessions.

Benefits of TTT

Design result focused programs and PPTs
Improve your presence
Identify the audience responses and reactions

Improve Group dynamics and handle hecklers
Deliver high impact programs
Video and audio recording for real time feedback

Skillsbucket Competency Offerings

First time Facilitators

Two day Experiential program for the new facilitators to deliver impactful program keeping the audience energy levels high. Practical tips to look confident and present flawlessly.

Subject matter experts

Two day experiential program for the subject matter experts to understand the learners psychological set up to deliver effective programs.

Internal trainers

Two day experiential program for internal trainers to understand the audience needs and delivery confidently.

Specific TTT topics
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Design Thinking
  • Outsmarting VUCA
  • Leadership Skills
  • Selling Skills

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