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Time Management

Time is the most valued commodity. Time management is not about doing more tasks in specified time, but it is about achieving the desired result by being effective. With a high paced corporate environment, professionals usually get overwhelmed to accomplish more in a limited time frame.

Skillsbucket’s Time management training is a one day workshop to enhance productivity while managing time. It enables you to be proactive, so that you act on a situation rather than react. Time management training is imparted with various approaches like self assessments, matrix planning, performance planning and roleplays.

Learning Outcomes

  • Formulate result oriented goals
  • Helps you to select the high payoff tasks that generate better results
  • Learn to focus and leverage time effectively
  • Understand how organizing pays off to secure time gaps
  • Learn to identify the time wasters and utilize technology to save time
  • Learn the art of delegation

Who should attend

Junior level Executives
Mid level Managers
Senior Managers

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