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Customer Engagement by Emotional Design

I recently installed a photo editing app on my phone. I found it so user hostile and inconvenient in the first few minutes, that I gave in to my frustration and deleted it. Sounds familiar?!

People make decisions based on what they feel. Products or services can be functional, but the true value is derived when we understand the emotions behind customer engagement. Think back on any memorable experiences, and it stands out because of the emotions it generated. 

Emotional Design helps you weave empathy in any transaction that you have with your customer. You align the solutions to meet their needs. Good emotional design elicits delight and confidence in the end user.

Donald Norman explains that emotional Design happens at three levels.

  1. Visceral- Appearance
  2. Behavioural- Functional
  3. Reflective- Impact

To understand this, suppose you bought a smartphone.

  1. You loved how it looked. The feel was exquisite when you held it. (Visceral)
  2. When you tried its camera and got an extremely high resolution picture (Behavioural)
  3. You started to think about your life with this device and how it could help you click amazing holiday pictures. (Reflective)

By understanding emotions, we can map-out decisions and improve experiences. It could be even as simple as how you went the extra mile to resolve a concern or save time for your client. 

If, emotional design at a reflective level helps instil a sense of uniqueness, confidence, freedom or wellbeing, it builds a strong brand image.

If this sparks your interest ,and you would love to know more on emotional design and how it can work for you, your team or your organisation do get in touch.

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