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How to Work From Home?

At first, working from home may seem like a dream . No commute, the chores that you can sneak it and having more time for family.
But with no coworkers or dedicated space it can feel lonely or less productive. Here are my tips.

  • Structuring properly
    • but not too much A to do list along with timelines really helps you to structure your day. A 10 minutes kick off meeting when you start, really helps set up the expectations with others. Find a quiet area for work and also designate some ‘no work zones’ in the house. Its hard to relax when you associate those places with work
  • Change out of your pyjamas & get ready for work at usual time
    • We have to treat it like a ‘real job’ or it wont be. Dressing up for work on time gets you into the work mode. Working from home blurs the boundary which hampers the focus and balance.
  • Take a break but avoid too much caffeine
    • Little scheduled breaks acts like ‘Psychological segues’. Having coffee, reading or doing exercise can put you in the right working mindset.
  • Crank up the communication
    • Out of sight, out of mind becomes a real problem when you are working from home. People feel less motivated and productive when they are working in isolation. Appreciating each other and being more vocal is the need of the day. Virtual coffees are a great way to connect and not miss the water cooler chats.
  • Shut the door
    • “Create boundaries within your home that your family members understand. Dedicated working hours and scheduled breaks helps in improving productivity

Happy working from home!

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