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The ‘Novel’ Control

The plan is made. The resources deployed. Things look perfect. And then boom, out of nowhere you are in a sci-fi thriller movie; just that its more real than you would like to , believe.

All of us, innately have the desire to have things under our control. So what do you do in such “novel” situations where no one has a clue.

  1. Determine what can you control There are many things in life we can’t control- everything from tiny disagreements to huge tragedies. And fixating ourselves on to bat soups or testing kits isn’t going to solve our problems. The only thing that we can control is our reactions to those situations. Instead of ruminating on the problems, we can focus on creating solutions. When we put our energies into what we can control, we become effective.
  2. Focus on Influence We all know that we can plan a great party but we can’t make everyone have fun. Look at how you can motivate others. Be a good role model. Working from home can be tricky and that’s where you can be innovative, little things can help push up morale. Virtual coffee breaks or idle chatting can be a good idea.
  3. The Guru Talk which always works

a. Breathe Mindfully: When you are overwhelmed, breathe deeply. You can control your breaths
b. Move your body: Regular Exercise. Helps with immunity, good sleep and reducing stress.
c. Remind yourself its not permanent: This too shall pass
d. Talk to people you trust: Create your safe circle. You don’t want more negativity than there is.
e. Be Kind : To yourself and to others. You can be a critic or a cheerleader. Choose Cheerleader. Always.

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